MILOS MT-ICON PA is a practical and durable solution you will appreciate whenever you need to hang speakers and be heard at your event.

The main advantage is the compact size and the ballast placed directly as part of the assembly, which takes up less space. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor events.
Thanks to the fact that the MILOS MT-ICON PA Tower's Base is made of durable STEEL MT-ICON Base, it boasts unwavering robustness, high strength and stability, which can be further enhanced by adding the MT-Icon Base Steel Outrigger for a larger footprint.
The erecting helper makes it easy to assemble. Part of the Steel MT-ICON Base is a platform on which Ballast can be placed as an IBC tank or concrete blocks. This ensures that the ballast is part of the base and is permanently active.
The base has practical attachment points for wire ropes, manual chain hoist, electric motors and tower erector attachment points.
When building on uneven terrain, spindles will help you to level the base and thus get the whole bond to a perfectly horizontal position.

Example of use: