MILOS Announcement

MILOS Announcement
We are delighted to announce that Tomas Satran is the latest colleague to join MILOS.
Tomas will join as a Communication Specialist. A key part of his role is to plan and post social media posts and advertising solutions for businesses as well as dealing with information output and media requests.
Tomas worked at an investment company for 4 years as an Account Manager. He was in close contact with both clients and the management of the company on a daily basis, and gained an in-depth experience in communication strategies.
Tomas then decided to change his area of expertise to a more “untied” environment and joined MILOS. “MILOS is a major player in the entertainment industry and for me this is an exceptional opportunity.”
In his free time, Tomas loves hiking and participates in classic fitness routines during the working week. He is also passionate gardener and likes nothing more to relax surrounded by nature after a long day in the office.
Welcome to MILOS, Tomas!
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