Name-days Explained -Jakub

Name-days Explained -Jakub
Name-days are eagerly anticipated events in the Czech calendar. Although the custom is widespread in Catholic and Orthodox countries in both Europe and Latin America
(and is often more popular than birthdays), in other countries the celebration is largely unknown. For this reason, MILOS would like to introduce you to the Name-day.

Every month, we will select an employee and tell you more about the origin of the name as well as looking at their job specifications. This month is the turn of Jakub, who celebrates his name-day on the 25th of July.
The name Jacob is of Hebrew origin. It originated from the Hebrew name Jacob, which is interpreted as “The one who holds onto the heel”. The interpretation of the name is related to a biblical story. Jacob, the patriarch of the Hebrew nation, was a second-born twin, holding his brother Esau’s heel during the birth.
The English version of the name Jakub is James or Jim. In Germany it‘s Jakob, in France, Jacques, and from Italy, Giacomo.
Important bearers of the name Jakub/James: From the USA, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, from the UK, the well-known TV presenter James May, and from Italy, the writer and adventurer, Giacomo Casanova

From our production hall we have selected MILOS employees: Jakub Hnát, Jakub Znamenáček and Jakub Ševela
We wish you all the best!

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