Simple Innovations For Workplace Safety

Simple Innovations For Workplace Safety
Even the smallest innovations can ease your workload, especially when they can protect the environment of your construction site while increasing safety.

At MILOS, we have designed high density rubber pads to fix under your baseplates. Not only will the pad protect decorative surfaces it also creates a higher coefficient of friction which reduces ballast in certain conditions.
Installing the pad is very easy. Simply remove the foil from the back of the self-adhesive pad and bond it to the underside of the base plate, ready to use!
The rubber pad is specially designed to allow transport and storage in the BASEPLATE-DOLLY-M-B-K-600x600 or storage on CAGE-BP-M-K-600x600.
Rubber pads BasePlateRubberPad|BBP600x600 can be used with  BP600x600x6|QTB|STEEL and BBP600x600x10|QTB|STEEL Steel base plates. BasePlateRubberPad|BWP310x310 can be used for all baseplates in the M290 Quatro series.
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