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Our Concrete Ballast base is made of steel-reinforced concrete and is thus able to withstand heavy loads while being resistant to damage.
It can serve as a base for entire MR1 and MR2 series roofs.
The high connectivity allows the individual blocks to be stacked together to form one large block of any weight. Our connectors allow for both horizontal and vertical connections.
Due to its compact dimensions (80x80x40 cm) and stackability, transportation is simple and efficient. For handling, you can use the hanging point in the middle of the block or the pocket ready for the forklift.
Adjustable "spindles" with a large contact area can be used on uneven surfaces.


Compact 800x800x400 steel reinforced concrete block​

•550 kg weight​

•M290/M390 tower options​

•Adjustable spindles​

• ​Indoor and Outdoor

•Lifting point in COG​

•Tower base plate with lugs for steel wires

• Natural concrete look 

Concrete Ballast Base 500kg

The MILOS concrete ballast base is a comprehensive solution for customers who do not have space for ballast in the form of IBC tanks or for those who want to achieve a high level of stability for their structures.
Self Weight
Concrete Ballast Base 500kg


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