M290x390 - Medium duty truss range

Medium-duty rectangular truss with diagonal webbing designed to save 25% more space and offer better rigging options. 
Main Tube
290 x 390 mm
48x3 mm and 20x2 mm
Available Length
0,5 - 4 m
290 x 390 mm

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This rectangular truss combines the strenth of 390 Qautro truss but saves 25% space and has better possibilities for rigging. Diagonal webbing in the top allows high lateral loading. The multicube corner blocks allow all 290 Quatro truss to be connected vertically.


  • Trio truss can be put through as truss has parallel webbing
  • Horizontal bracing at node points to take horizontal force caused by slinging 4
  • 8mm bottom brace for ease of suspension of lighting fixtures
  • 25% saving of transport volume compared to QTP
  • Easy pin assembly due to horizontal position of pin holes at bottom